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Stake&Vote for DSNC

DSNC is an ICON Public Representative (P-Rep).

As an ICON P-Rep we are running our nodes on Testnet and also on ICON MainNet.

Staking & Voting are an ICON Network services which allows you to delegate your ICXs to up to 10 P-Reps in order to vote for them. When you Stake&Vote for your P-Reps of chose, you will receive ICXs back to your wallet as rewards every 24 hours.

This is always better than keep your ICXs in your wallet only!


Vote for DSNC and support us as ICON P-Rep, so we can build and grow ICON Network, create more useful Dapps which can bring the ICX adoption much quicker.  

It is very important to know that we are not holding your ICXs and we Do Not have access to your funds! When you Stake&Vote, your ICXs become locked with ICON Network until you requested to be Unstaked and they come back available in your wallet!

This is a brief explanation of how the stacking with ICON Network is working: 

  • What is staking?

Staking is the process of Staked your ICXs to delegate voting power to ICON Public Representative Team, by locking your ICXs tokens for a period of time with ICON Network.

  • Why should you stake?

The ICON Staking process will give you rewards every day for your ICXs token hold and vote for P-Reps for a period you would like. Most likely the process is the same when you hold shares and receive dividends for that.

  • Whom can you stake for?

DSNC is an official ICON P-Rep and Staking&Voting for us will help us grow and keep building our projects on ICON Network.

You can Stake and Unstake your ICXs anytime you want. When Staking&Voting is a quick and easy process, so for Unstaking it will take approximately around 10 days when you complete your request in ICONex Wallet. 

YouTube video of how to Stake with DSNC will be created soon and the link provided.

  • When can you Stake?

The ICON Staking was started from 1 August 2019.

  • Requirements

You need to hold ICONex Wallet first in order to use your Ledger Wallets from there.

The minimum requirement is 1 ICX to start staking!

  • Rewards

Estimated ROI: 18% 

Reward rate per category: 

P-Rep; DApps; EEPs

  • Unstaking period

This is 5-20 days depending on % of network staked.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!

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