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We started participating in ICON Network from the beginning of TestNet 2 phase, with our AWS servers. We built our TestNet nodes with the aim of testing and learning purposes which helped us to prepare for the ICON Mainnet P-Rep role.

DSNC has been registered as an ICON P-Rep on the MainNet running our P-Rep node.

You can find out more about DSNC node and our node performance at the link below:

ICON Network has been successfully Decentralized on 28/10/2019! DSNC node is now working on ICON Mainnet as a stable and reliable P-Rep node.

You can find us on the official ICON Mainnet Tracker with the link below:

We have implemented our first small Smart Contract build on ICON Mainnet. We use "Daedric" program, created from Spl3en (ICONetion team) and providing this price information to "Marvin" program, created from Andrew (RHIZOME team). This is a price feed bot for ICX/USD, which can help all ICON developers when building and using dapps to have the price of the ICX in real-time.

You can see our working Smart Contract here on the link below: