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DSNC Proposal for ICON P-Rep



DSNC is a company which is focused mainly on blockchain technology. We believe in this new technology which can change the world in a positive direction. We also believe in ICON Project that can connect the world when connecting all kind of networks together making an easy way to communicate with each other. Our aim is to be part of ICON Project and to become an ICON Public Representative (P-Rep), so we can run MainNet and TestNet nodes on ICON Network. Doing that we can create a field for TestNet environment for DApps creators which can work with our team to build DApps ideas and ICX adoption. Our motto is “We learn, we improve, we grow”.




1. Proposal introduction (What)


As part of ICON Project and as a P-Rep, our main aims are based on the following basic purposes:

Our aims are mainly concentrated to build:


  • stable, reliable and secure nodes running on ICON Network.

  • Dapps Development and ICX adoption.

  • awareness of how to use, keep and stack ICXs for your benefit.

  • using SCORE Smart Contract over our ICON Citizen node.

  • supporting ICON on a variety of projects they are building it.

  • growing ICX community with our social media applications.

  • reinvesting back to ICON Project as staking and voting.


2. Motivation of the proposal (Why)


Our motivation is our belief in ICON Project main aim for hyperconnected world. We strongly support the idea of decentralization of ICON Network, as we think this is the way of growth and success in any area of life. We also believe that ICX is a good product, that has all the features, capabilities and scalabilities to be one of the main assets used in any business. We like that ICX is designed to use a new way of management as Delegated Proof of Contribution (DPoC) consensus algorithm. Regarding the ICX growth, we are proud to expand the ICON Network in Europe and step by step to achieve the main goal to hyperconnect the world.


3. Execution plan of the proposal (How)


Our team are fully dedicated to delivering our aims as we promise and strictly will keep following the steps provided in the proposal. Our time and resources will be concentrated on those aims. Quarterly updates will follow each year for our progress made. We know that our growth is dependent on the votes we are receiving during each time period. As we all know every P-Rep is dependent on the voting power received and ICXs delegated, as this is the actual budget for the work done of each team. Our work and production costs will be mainly sponsored by DSNC as a company. We know that if we are not in the top 22 P-Reps our budget will not be quite enough for huge goals, but at least the effort and dedication we are doing for ICON Project is based on passion and the idea-driven us all as an ICON P-Reps not based on the monetary purpose only but to create something that you believe will help many people in their lives.


4. Expected timeline of the proposal (When)


As we already working on our aims to build and keep building it, we can set our timeline of each one of our proposal goals as follow:

- stable, reliable and secure nodes running on ICON Network. – This is our everyday task to keep our nodes stable, reliable and secure by monitoring and improving our configuration and infrastructure up to date.


- Dapps Development and ICX adoption. – Our team is open and keep looking for every good developer to join our team or to work together, so we can create our good ideas and transfer them to DApp project.

- awareness of how to use, keep and staking ICXs for your benefit. – We will create a learning material on Medium and YouTube videos to help our ICON community to better understand how to use and work with ICX.

- using SCORE Smart Contract over our ICON Citizen node.  - This part is mainly concerning our dapps development grow and the aim to create and build our own dapps on top of our Citizen node using SCORE smart contract platform.


- supporting ICON on a variety of projects they are building it. – Our team also would like to help ICON’s Projects to be build as providing development resources and work together to be built.


- growing ICX community with our social media applications. – As an ICON P-Rep one of our responsibilities are to bring awareness to different communities about ICON Project and how to work with ICX. Our social media platform will keep providing information and learning materials helping people to read, learn and start using ICX in a different way they like.


- reinvesting back to ICON Project as staking and voting. – DSNC will keep investing and re-investing our ICXs into ICON Project as staking, voting and dapps development projects.



5. Initial Network Information


Server type: C5.9xlarge

CPU Model: Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8124 CPU @ 3.00GHZ

vCPU(core): 36

RAM: 72G

Disk: 500G NVMe SSD (EBS bandwidth 4.5 Gbps)

Network: 10 Gbps


6. Team Resources and Contact


Team Members:

Dimcho Spasov

As an IT engineer and consultant for more than 10 years of experience working with routers, switches and servers, he found a new field of programming and coding much more creative and interesting to be involved with. Leading his company more than 15 years through different business field brings a huge experience for governing and decision making is a big plus for DSNC team when the time comes to be part of the top 22 P-Rep and we will be involved in ICON Project Governance and decision making. Also, as an investor in the new technologies and blockchain, he is working on cryptocurrency adoptions and the system which will connect cryptocurrencies to the existing payment system.


Team Members:

Others – position is open for people who have a passion for ICON Project to succeed and are ready to dedicate their time and efforts to bring and deliver positive results to ICON Project.  



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