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We start participating from the beginning of the Cardano Testnet Jormungandr and also send an application form to be able to run Cardano Staking Pool on the Mainnet.

For those who have Cardano $ADA please check this youtube video below how to stake your real $ADA on Cardano Testnet Jormungandr and get rewarded with real $ADA and move them to the Mainnet wallet you have already after Testnet completed.

Incentivized Tesnet: Jormungandr v0.8.5

DSNC Stake Pool ID:


YouTube video how to stake on Cardano Tesnet using our DSNC Stake Pool.

For all Cardano supporters and investors, we are happy to announce that our "DSNC" - Cardano Staking Pool for the Incentivized Testnet is already set up and running well. You can now delegate your #ADA to our Stake Pool - "DSNC" and will receive real #ADA as rewards.

You can find us in every Daedalus Incentivized Testnet wallet. (see below)

Our Rank is shown at the moment as 557, but this ranking system changing quite rapidly when the stake pool has been nominated for producing blocks for specific epoch in the Incentivized Testnet.