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The "Bounty ICX Lottery" game is now officially open!!!

Please go to where you can start to play!

Bounty ICX Lottery

​The idea of this lottery game is to be raising funds for charity purpose, to support people who have COVET-19 virus.
The Blockchain ICON wallet address will be provided by "Bounty ICX Lottery" game to show all the funds that have been raised so far.

Daily Lottery


Weekly Lottery


Monthly Lottery



fee goes to the Bank in each game


More players increase the Jackpot Winners




Daily Lottery

Weekly Lottery

Monthly Lottery

Play "Baunty ICX Lottery" and win the Jackpot for our 

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Roll Over Lottery!


The rules are simple!

In order to play, You only need to send the ICXs amount 

for the specific game You would like to play,  

from your ICON wallet to our Smart Contract address below.

We recommend You to use ICONex wallet desktop extension for Chrome in order to play the game with no issues.

  • 10 ICX - for the Daily Lottery Game 

  • ​20 ICX - for the Weekly Lottery Game 

  • 30 ICX - for the Monthly Lottery Game 

This is a DAO created game platform which is automatically created process, 

without any human intervention or decision making added to this process.

Our Smart Contract will automatically register You as a player in our lottery

pool players list and your ticket will be your transaction ID from the blockchain.

​Everyone can play as many times as you wish per game.

Our Bounty ICX Lottery game is transparent and open.

The list with all players/transaction ID will be provided for each game, so everyone can see themself added to the lottery pool players list.

We have a unique human free intervention algorithm which chose the Winners.

This is what we call "Pure Luck"!

The Winners will receive their Jackpot ICXs back to their wallet address

from which they played automatically after withdrawing the Winners.


Withdrawing the Winners of the Bounty ICX Lottery are:

  • Every Day at 18:00 UTC for the Daily Lottery Game

  • Every Sunday at 18:00 UTC for the Weekly Lottery Game  

  • Last day of the month at 18:00 UTC for the Monthly Lottery Game


This is the Winner's rules table

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