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DSNC Team Members:

Dimcho Spasov - Founder of DSNC. 

As an IT engineer and consultant for more than 10 years of experience working with routers, switches and servers, he found a new field of programming and coding much more creative and interesting to be involved with. Leading his company more than 15 years through different business field brings a huge experience for governing and decision making is a big plus for DSNC team when the time comes to be part of the top 22 P-Rep and we will be involved in ICON Project Governance and decision making. Also, as an investor in the new technologies and blockchain, he is working on cryptocurrency adoptions and the system which will connect cryptocurrencies to the existing payment system.

Atanas Dichev - Founder and Co-Owner of Next-Points Ltd (Bulgaria)

Senior IT professional with 18 years of experience in the development of innovative data-driven solutions to industry-specific problems for clients in credit finance, banking, telecommunications, media and manufacturing. Architect and developer of highly-scalable business-grade systems used today by leading companies in Bulgaria and abroad. The current focus on the extraction and processing of “Big Data” from social networks.

Creator of one of the biggest e-mail platform in Bulgaria with more than  1 million daily users - www.abv.bg 

Dimitar Stoyanov - Founder and Co-Owner of Next-Points Ltd (Bulgaria)

Senior expert with over 15 years of experience in applied advanced statistical methods in financial risk management, market forecasting, and operations optimisation for leading international companies across several industries. Author of proprietary methodologies combining innovative data modelling, programming techniques, and industry insights to transform large quantities of semi-structured and structured information into reliable data-driven solutions.

Atanas Dichev and Dimitar Stoyanov have completed many software development projects for companies like:

Allianz Bank - Bulgaria,  

Kronos Recovery Management - Bulgaria, 

BNP Paribas - France, 

Barilla Harry's - France, 

DANONE - Bulgaria,  

aNewsMe - Bulgaria, 

Netinfo - Bulgaria, www.netinfo.bg,

Orbitel - Bulgaria,


Sopharma - Bulgaria, http://www.sopharmagroup.com/

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