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ICON P-Rep Profile of DSNC


Questions provided byTheIconist:


- Tell us about your team?

 Hello everybody, my name is Dimcho Spasov and I am the founder of DSNC team. We are a group of few, IT consulting and Investment company which are joining together to create a new field of expansion in the cryptocurrency area.

Our aim is to be part of ICON Network as a P-Per candidate. Because of that, we keep learning and growing as a team and our doors are kept open for everyone who wants to join us and help us grow together.


- Why would you like to become an ICON P-rep? 

With the changes we can see in the Global Economy, and the way how the old fiat money system is working, we are glad to see that the cryptocurrencies are keep growing. Obviously, some of them are providing really good value and services much better than the old system does, but some of them are just a project without any idea and future. Therefore, after our Marketing Research in the cryptocurrency field, we decide that we want to be part of this new cryptocurrency movement and our chose is ICON Network. The reason for our chose is because we don’t want just to invest our money, but to be part of ICON Network as well as becoming ICON P-Rep. This will show our aim not to make gain and run, but to stay and contribute as much as possible to grow us as an ICON P-Rep, but also grow the ICON Network as a whole.