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DSNC is a Public Representative (P-Rep) for ICON Project and we are running nodes on ICON MainNet and TestNet.

Our services are mainly concentrated to provide:

- Stable, reliable and secure nodes running on Blockchain platforms.
- Providing Staking Services for a variety of Cryptocurrencies Projects.  

- Development of Dapps over Smart Contract for ICON and Cardano.
- Information and learning materials of how to use Staking as a rewarding process for your investment.

Our ICON P-Rep Intro Video

Our Services


DSNC is an ICON Project P-Rep

Use your ICONex wallet and Stake & Vote with your ICXs to DSNC and support us as an ICON P-Rep.

DSNC project plans and goals are to:

  • Keep our Citizen and P-Rep nodes stable, reliable and secure!

  • DSNC will create dapps developers events, for building useful dapps ideas and the winner will be sponsored to create this dapps.

  • Our Staking Services are available now for ICON Project and Cardano.

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Ready to get in touch with us?

We are growing up our team and we are looking for good experience apps/dapps developer to work with us and be rewarded. 

For Investors or normal cryptocurrency holders, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and more information about how to stake with us.